Welcome to the European Union Reference Laboratory for Crustacean Diseases

Crustaceans (including crabs, lobsters and prawns) are keystone components of most aquatic habitats and are widely exploited in the global fishery. In addition, a growing number of species are intensively farmed and contribute significantly to aquatic protein consumption by consumers of fish and fish products. Increasing production and the movement of live and commodity products have led to the emergence of several internationally important crustacean diseases in recent years – these impacting upon farm production and the potential for future expansion to meet global needs.

Cefas Weymouth Laboratory is the designated European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) for Crustacean Diseases. We coordinate the activities associated with crustacean disease diagnosis across the European Union Member State National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) and liase closely with expert centres in production regions and in other countries to ensure harmonised diagnostics for crustacean diseases listed within EC Directive 2006/88. More widely we are assisting in the generation of an improved biosecurity status with respect to these diseases across the European Union.