Write Your Bitcoin Story: How to Make a Proof-Of-Work Resume

• Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics, found the article submission link to Bitcoin Magazine by accident while looking for a customer service email address.
• After sending his first article, he became obsessed and sent another article which was rejected. The critique gave him the opportunity to adjust his strategy and change his frame of mind.
• He posted his articles on LinkedIn after 10 pieces were published, but was scared about being judged. The Bitcoin community has been supportive and encouraging since then, giving him the courage to keep going.

How I Became A Writer For Bitcoin Magazine

I’m Mickey Koss – an economics major from West Point who transitioned from infantry to the Finance Corps. I’m not sure how I even got noticed by Bitcoin Magazine – but I did! One day, while trying to find a customer service email address, I stumbled across their article submission page and sent them an idea they liked. Suddenly, I had to write my first draft and when it went live, I was hooked!

Adjusting To Critique

The second article I submitted received a harsh rejection from the editor – which only served as constructive feedback that allowed me to further refine my writing style and approach. It wasn’t long before one of those rejections turned into an offer to write behind the scenes for a large Bitcoin-focused YouTube channel run by that same editor who originally rejected me – talk about full circle!

Finding Confidence In Sharing My Work

It took nearly 10 articles of mine being published before I finally mustered up the confidence to share my work publicly on LinkedIn. Thankfully, instead of judgement or criticism like what I feared would come my way – people have been overwhelmingly supportive! This encouragement has been invaluable in keeping me motivated and pushing forward with my writing career.

Using Fear As Fuel: Write Your Proof-Of-Work Resume

At times it can be easy for us to feel like we don’t belong in certain spaces or industries because we weren’t invited there initially – this is something that happened to me often until finding Bitcoin! But if you are passionate enough about something or believe strongly enough in yourself then you can make your own invitation by creating your own proof-of-work resume through taking action (like writing articles) and sharing it with others without fear or doubt holding you back!

The Power Of Supportive Communities And Friendships

The most valuable takeaway from this experience has been learning just how powerful supportive communities can be when striving toward our goals – especially when coupled with strong friendships along the way! Without both of these elements combined together, at times progress can seem completely impossible… however with them behind us anything is possible no matter how crazy it may seem at first glance!